PHOTO – Check Out Alex Mwakideu’s German Machine

April 23, 2019

Radio personality Alex Mwakideu looks to have made the right decision when he quit Radio Maisha for Milele FM.

Mwakideu, who forms quite the formidable radio partnership with Jalang’o, left Standard Group’s Radio Maisha after eight years of great service. In August last year, he was reunited with his former Radio Maisha co-host Jalang’o, who left Jeff Koinange needing another co-presenter at Hot96.

In a few shot months following his appointment at Milele, Alex Mwakideu was promoted to Head of Radio Milele FM.

And it looks like his new role is earning him big bucks if the car he drives is anything to go by.

Over the Easter weekend, he flaunted his beast of a German machine – BMW X5- after he was pressured by his buddy Jalang’o.

Mwakideu further joked that his followers on Instagram should start getting used to seeing the ride more often.

“Hangover inanimaliza… But Hizi Picha za Gari Anzeni kuzoea… ??? @jalangoo amesema lazima nizipige kwa wingi ??,” wrote the former Baraka FM presenter, alongside several hashtags; #PeerPressureIsReal#HeshimaIdumu#MweweJuuYaMwewe#KupendezeNaKusiweNaUpungufu

For a guy who once went viral for trolling Toyotas, it looks like Mwakideu takes his cars seriously.

Here’s a reminder of his funny video.

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