Naked Preacher Caught Burying “Witchcraft” Paraphernalia at Night in Kitui

April 25, 2019

There was drama in Mwingi, Kitui County Tuesday when area residents caught their preacher in a compromising situation at a neighbour’s house in the middle of the night.

Mr Kyallo Kabali was reportedly caught burying ‘witchcraft’ paraphernalia while stark naked. According to Mwingi residents, the ‘man of God’ was duping them by promising to protect them from being bewitched.

“Yesterday, they came to pray for me as a church. However, during the prayers, Kyallo called me aside. He told me that he felt that some of those we were praying with did not have faith. So he asked me to postpone the prayers to a later date on which only four people would attend,” Justus Mwaniki, one of the preacher’s congregants said.

“He then asked me to take a goat to church after the second round of prayers. While we used to view him as a good preacher, his only motive is making money,” added Mwaniki.

The angry residents also claimed that Kyallo had been speaking to them about witchcraft and how they can protect themselves from it.

Area Chief Daniel Chumbo confirmed the incident saying Kyallo would secretly bury ‘witchcraft items’ in a victim’s house before later coming to unearth them in a cleansing ritual, at a fee.

My advice to residents is to be wary of conmen who come in many guises including preaching,” warned Chumbo.

It’s not clear why Kyallo was naked at the time of his arrest.

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