Ex-Presidential Candidate Nazlin Umar Talks Undergoing Liposuction, “Obsessive” Duale…

April 1, 2019

Early last year, Nazlin Umar dropped a bombshell on her tumultuous relationship with Aden Duale accusing him of physical abuse.

In this interview, the 54-year-old former presidential aspirant talks about the rocky relationship the leader of Majority, getting liposuction and more.

Why did you get liposuction?

I had a lipoma in my stomach which is a benign tumour made of fat tissue and I had struggled with it for about three years. I saw many doctors locally and abroad and had many scans done but they could see nothing until it eventually showed itself and I eventually settled on Professor Stanley Khainga.

After the surgery we decided to enhance it a little more and while removing my lipoma we decided to take out fat around my waist area to extract stem cells from my fats and put it in a machine called a centrifuge and the stem cells into my face to rejuvenate my face.

What I did was to protect my beauty from ageing and in a month or so the stem cells will take effect and I will look younger.

Were there any underlying self-esteem issues that led to you having the liposuction done?

No. I have always been a beautiful woman and everyone knows this. Even before my political career I had been profiled by the media severally because of my beauty. I came to a point where my political career almost ended because of my beauty but I no longer feel like a slave to it.

I’m no longer letting my beauty be my bondage. Getting these procedures done have been a life changing moment for me, I even slightly cut my hair meaning this is a whole transformation for me. I am revolving myself.

Where was it done?

The procedure was done at Surgeoderm clinic in Kilimani by Professor Stanley Khainga. If I had paid it would have cost Sh1.2million but the professor was kind enough to not charge me anything and he did it out of goodwill.

Is it the only procedure you intend to get done?

For now yes. If I do anything else I will let you know.

What’s your take on surgeries to enhance beauty in terms of religion?

As the chair of the National Muslim Council I personally do not think I have done anything wrong because I have not change my form and how God created me. I think it’s not right to change how one looks and how they were create but a little enhancements here and there are not wrong.

Why did you have it done locally unlike many people who would do it overseas?

Because I trust Professor Khainga and he was recommended by many doctors that I had seen. Despite the negative stories out there, he is a great doctor and his team is the best.

Are you still with Hon. Duale, if not, why did you two separate?

I have a P3 and a medical report on Duale. I am stronger now to be able to talk about it and he needs to come out and tell Kenyans what he did to me. This is the reason why he was begging me so much in the phone conversation that was leaked. He stalks me, he is my stalker.

He is very obsessive, it’s a psychosis, and he is crazy. I did not sit on the issue, I went to the police, I reported the matter at Parklands police station and even told the president’s uncle George Muhoho and showed him everything and he was supposed to get back to me after talking to the president.

Despite all this I am a person who is full of love, I have been married three times and I look forward to meeting someone and getting married again.

Why has it taken you so long to come out and speak about being abused in your relationship?

I needed time to heal. Many women in the spotlight go through a lot of things that they cannot speak about because of the stigma and judgment that we face. It’s been a year now since my issues with Duale were made public and I went through a very difficult time but I am at a much better place.

Sometimes he would threaten to end me political career if I speak out but I am no longer afraid of him.

Would you advice young girls to get their bodies enhanced if they are not happy with how they look?

No. I would tell women to do this at the eve of their womanhood when you have already had children and they are grown. Getting your body done when you are still young might work against you. You don’t want to spoil your chances when your marriage doesn’t work out and you still want to get married and have children.

When one is done having kids they can always do what they want with their bodies to help keep their marriage because men most of the times cheat on their wives with younger girls who have nice bodies and forget that their wives also had those nice bodies when they married them so women can always enhance their bodies to keep their natural form of how they were created.

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