“My Children Are More Disciplined Than Yours,” Defiant Akothee Tells “Idiots”

March 1, 2019

By now, the remaining Akothee haters should know better; don’t start a fight you can’t win.

Over the years, the mother of five has demonstrated her thick skin when criticised by the masses. It is an admirable trait that has contributed significantly to her immense popularity and influence, especially on Instagram where she boasts over 1 million followers.

Once again, Akothee has been forced into her element after Kenya’s moral cop Ezekiel Mutua led an online mercenary against her “immoral and indecent” performance recently.

Akothee has been telling off her haters left, right, and centre, and it appears that she is not done venting. In her latest address to her haters, she reiterates that she is not a role model and notes that “every idiot” should take responsibility for their children.

“Model your own children before we teach them how to twerk, I am the most stupid, crazy, mad, lucky mother with the most disciplined children. If my dress code or behaviour is not seen in my own uterus, why would your own copy me? its simply because you have no foundation built for your own kids at home. You must be the most irresponsible parent on earth who doesn’t even know that you should be the first to know if your daughters got their first periods.”

According to Akothee, her children are disciplined despite her controversial tendencies.

“To all the schools my children visited, I have never been summoned for disrespect or indiscipline,? my children are the most behaved with a misbehaviour mother, with her ass out 24/7 & brought up in a broken family with their mother playing both father and mother roles? Your children are lucky to have both parents under the same roof , but the most misbehaved , indiscipline with both parents living intact.”

“kila mtu achunge mayayi alileta duniani, let every idiot take care of the children they introduced to the world, it’s not celebrities duties please.”


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