MP Kimani Ichung’wa Wants EACC to Probe Graft Cases, Not DCI

March 20, 2019

The EACC should investigate graft-related cases and not the DCI, Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa has said.

According to the lawmaker, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations does not have the capacity to investigate corruption cases. He explained that EACC is better equipped with professionals from various fields who can investigate independently and produce enough evidence in court.

“The EACC has lawyers, professionals land surveyor’s, economists and was well funded by the government, unlike the DCI who are police officers who undergo investigation training” Ichung’wa said, adding, “They investigate cases which gives them a headache while collecting evidence and when they take suspects to court, the suspects are acquitted.”

The outspoken MP noted that he holds no malice toward the DCI but said it should be allowed to carry out police work.

The MP also alleged that the DCI is likely to be manipulated by individuals, unlike the EACC.

“The DCI is being manipulated to arrive at conclusions, but the EACC cannot. This is the main reason we are asking the government to allow the EACC to carry on with economic crimes, graft and corruption cases,” Kimani said.

He said the EACC is empowered by the Constitution to investigate economic crimes and corruption cases since it is an independent commission.

The legislator was speaking at a bursary issuance ceremony in Kikuyu town, in Kiambu county.

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