Justo Bradford Makes a Banger Out of Viral Video of Drunk Motorist – Watch

March 12, 2019

American-Kenyan YouTuber and internet comedian Justin Bradford is back with a new track and it is as creative as they come.

Justo, who unleashed his music-making side last year when he released his debut single ‘Ukitaka’, has made a banger out of everybody’s favorite clip of a Kenyan drunk motorist who was caught on camera during a police crackdown some years back.

In the clip, the obviously inebriated man protests his arrest saying he has been treated like a rat on the highway, or rather haiweee.

Here’s a quick reminder:

Out of the motorist’s troubles with the law and the bottle, Justo has been inspired to create a hit record dubbed “Good Time”.

A certified fun banger no doubt, “Good Time” has dope accompanying visuals shot in the US and featuring some energetic dancers.

Check it out below. Rating 7.5/10.

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