Joey Muthengi: The Love of My Life was a White Man Who Broke My Heart

March 5, 2019

Former Citizen TV news presenter Joey Muthengi has disclosed little-known details about her past love life and battle with depression.

Speaking to The Unwritten’s Yvonne Aoll, Ms Muthengi said the love of her life was a white man whom she met in high school. The relationship was all rosy until their lives got busy and lacked the time for each other.

Joey said they were always in different parts of the world because she was so focused on her new job at Citizen TV which she landed in June 2016.

“The love of my life was a white man. I knew him since high school. We were perfect but the logistics around our lives just weren’t matching. We were always traveling on different time zones, different locations and I was so keen on climbing the career ladder,” said Joey.

To make matters worse, Joey later found out that the love of her life had moved on and was married.

“And when I finally got to Citizen TV, when I was finally feeling like ‘I’ve sort of ‘made it’, I started looking for him again and then I found out he got married… through Facebook of all the places,” said Joey.

The ensuing heartbreak threw her into depression for a long time and not even her family understood what her problem was.

“I was quite depressed for a long time. Even my family couldn’t understand and kept asking ‘what is it about this guy?” Joey added.

Joey, who currently works at the Voice of America radio station, has since moved on.

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