“It’s Better to Die.” Diamond’s Father Loses Hope

March 18, 2019

Diamond Platnumz’ father, Abdul Juma, has lost all hope in his battle with skin cancer and is ready to die.

Mr Juma, who risks losing both feet if he does not get treated soon, says the pain and suffering is too much to handle.

“Honestly, a time reaches when one loses hope to the point you feel it’s better to die because there’s no other option. My legs hurt so much. This is too much suffering,” he said.

The embattled Mr Juma, who has for the longest time been begging Diamond for help, says the Bongo singer is not to blame for anything. This despite

“I have realised Diamond is not on the wrong. I am the one who slipped. I already made peace with his mum. I thereafter saw it wise to look for Diamond and ask for his forgiveness,” said Juma.

Mr Juma added that the last time he spoke with Diamond was when the artiste was still dating former beauty queen Wema Sepetu.

“They used to come together to greet me,” he said.

Diamond’s dad separated from his mum when he was six.

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