Watch: Lulu Hassan Can Speak Kikuyu Better Than Most Kikuyu Slayqueens in Nairobi

February 18, 2019

Lulu Hassan is simply the gift that keeps on giving.

The much-adored Citizen TV news anchor has proved she is a woman of many talents after showcasing her Kikuyu-speaking skills.

In a short clip that has taken the internet by storm, the celebrated news anchor is seen having a chat or rather Mushene in Kikuyu with her Inooro TV counterpart Muthoni Wa Mukiri.

While exchanging pleasantries, Muthoni asks Lulu Hassan how she spent her Valentine’s. The mother of three responds saying it was great before adding that she spent it cooking for her hubby Rashid Abdalla.

Muthoni further teasers Lulu that she cooked a typical Kikuyu meal with a lot of soup and cabbage. But Lulu quickly stops her saying she cooked pilau.

In the comments section of the video, Lulu continued to engage her awe-struck fans in Kikuyu.

“Thikû ici ndî mbere ta mûhuko wa cati (Siku hizi nko mbele kama mfuko wa shati),” wrote Hassan in one engagement. In another, she exclaimed “Ngai fafa”.

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