The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday February 14)

February 14, 2019

Here are today’s big stories.

Chinese couples can’t afford a second child, no matter what Beijing wants

Before her son was born, Chen Huijuan was happy to splash out on skincare products, clothing and socializing with friends. Now, she even hesitates to buy a new dress.

The wreck of a WWII US Navy aircraft carrier, lost for 76 years, has been found in the South Pacific

A research vessel has found the World War II aircraft carrier’s wreckage more than 17,000 feet below the surface of the South Pacific, near the Solomon Islands.

All Belgium flights canceled as air traffic control strikes for higher wages

All flights in and out of Belgium have been canceled for a 24-hour period as air traffic control workers went on strike Tuesday evening. The action will affect flights at all airports in the country, including Brussels Airport and regional facilities.

Macedonia officially changes its name to North Macedonia

The country formerly known as the Republic of Macedonia on Tuesday officially changed its name to the Republic of North Macedonia, on paper ending a decades-long dispute that paves its way to NATO membership.

Trophy hunter ‘pays $110k’ to kill and pose with rare mountain goat

An American trophy hunter has sparked outrage after reportedly paying $110,000 for a permit to kill a rare mountain goat in Pakistan, before posing with the dead animal after the hunt.

Where childhood obesity is highest in the world

Pacific Island nations, such as Nauru and the Cook Islands, appear to have the highest childhood obesity rates, and the countries Ethiopia and Burkina Faso appear to have the lowest rates. The prevalence of childhood obesity is climbing globally.

Why did the Boeing 747 cross the road?

(CNN) – Why did the Boeing 747 cross the road? To start a new life as a hotel attraction in the Netherlands of course. The decommissioned 747-400 created a bizarre sight as it rumbled across a major highway that had been closed to traffic to allow the huge airplane to make its eight-mile (12.5 kilometers) final journey by road from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airpor.

Who’s leaving Africa’s largest economy?

The job market for young Nigerians is causing people to leave, says one of the leading contenders to become Nigeria’s next president. “Young Nigerians aren’t just leaving Nigeria because of bad pay and working conditions – they are leaving because there is no hope,” opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar wrote on Twitter.

Sudan’s secret hit squads

Footage shows security agents chasing protesters, beating them and dragging them to secret detention centres.

Venezuela’s Guaidó vows to bring in aid

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó has told tens of thousands of his supporters that humanitarian aid will be brought in, despite opposition from President Nicolás Maduro. He also told a rally in Caracas that “the usurper [Maduro] has to leave”.

Black panther caught on camera in Kenya

Black Panther has been everywhere in recent years – but spotting one of the animals the famous superhero is named after in the African wilderness is a little more rare. Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas managed it – and there are even claims this is the first time anyone has captured a melanistic leopard on camera in Africa in 100 years.

Fatal stampede at Nigeria election rally

Nigerian general election 2019 A number of people have been killed and injured in a stampede at a campaign rally for Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, local officials say. The incident happened at a stadium in the southern city of Port Harcourt when the crowd surged towards a gate after President Buhari’s speech.

MTV UK is bringing back the original ‘Cribs’ and 2019 is looking brighter already

Have you missed watching celebrities give long-winded tours of their lavish homes before finally arriving at the master bedroom and delivering the classic line: “This is where the magic happens?” Good news. Cribs is coming back to a screen near you, MTV UK has announced, as reported by Hollywood Reporter.

Lady Gaga singing ‘Bad Romance’ on the set of ‘A Star Is Born’ is pure throwback magic

If there’s one thing Mother Monster knows how to do, it’s put on a show – anywhere, anytime. A behind-the-scenes clip of Lady Gaga on the set of A Star Is Born recently popped up online, showing the pop icon thanking the film’s crowd of extras after filming Ally and Jackson’s first performance of “Shallow.”

The ‘Frozen 2’ trailer is here so get ready to let it gooooo

Do you want to build a snowman? No? Well, then, how about a sequel to one of Disney Animation’s most beloved recent hits? It’s been over five years since Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff sang and danced their way into our hearts, but the gang are all back now for a second adventure.

Bill and Melinda Gates get asked whether billionaires should exist

Should billionaires actually be a thing? That was one of the first questions Stephen Colbert put to Bill and Melinda Gates during their appearance on The Late Show on Tuesday, where they spoke about philanthropy and taxing the wealthy. “I think you can make the tax system take a much higher portion from people with great wealth,” responded Bill.

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