Suspicious Dealings at Co-operative Bank Kawangware Raise Eyebrows

February 12, 2019

Is something fishy going on at Cooperative Bank Kawangware branch?

Customers at the bank have reportedly raised the red flag after a series of suspicious transactions, mainly targeting  salaried accounts of civil servants and parastatal employees.

According to reports, many customers have been receiving alerts of cheque deposits late at night.. deposits that they have no knowledge of. Upon making enquirers to the management, they are greeted with curious silence.

Sharing her experience, one customer said that she received two transaction alerts on Tuesday night.

The first that came at around 11 pm stated,

“The CHEQUE you deposited at the branch dropbox of KES 160,831 has been received to account 01116029735800.RefID: 428391901.”

Later that night, she got another text message, of yet another transaction.

“It read The CHEQUE you deposited at the branch dropbox of KES 10,500 has been received to account 01116029735800. RefID: 42A0707701.”

It would have been easy to ignore the messages as system errors, had other customers not shared the same experience.

Another client got an alert at midnight reading, “The CHEQUE you deposited at the dropbox of KES 7,500.00 has been received to account 01116029806300. RefID: 74A2660801.”

In this era of money laundering, corruption and terrorism financing, the clients are justified to get worried, and some of them are now contemplating writing to senior bank management, and even the banking fraud investigations unit at central bank.

We’ll be following this story to see how it develops.

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