Stop Attacking Sonko to Gain Political Mileage, Sakaja Told

February 12, 2019

Members of the Nairobi County Assembly have jumped to the defense of Governor Mike Sonko against attacks from Senator Johnson Sakaja.

Led by Majority leader Abdi Guyo, the MCAs have accused Sakaja of fighting Governor Mike Sonko instead of defending the interests of devolution in the Senate.

“He is busy fighting the county government thinking that he will use that to ascend to the seat of the Governor,” said Abdi Guyo.

According to the MCAs, Sakaja is not objective and sincere in his criticism of Sonko.

“Which law states that if there is no substantive Speaker or Deputy Governor then that county government is not properly constituted? Sakaja’s argument has no meaning and weight,’” Guyo said.

Speaking on behalf of other MCAs on Monday in his office, the majority leader said Sakaja has become a busybody and has forgotten his constitutional mandate of protecting the county.

“Tell him to be objective in his criticism, he should not be subjective and when he quotes anything he should quote something that is anchored either in the Constitution, County Government Act or any relevant law,” Guyo said.

This comes after the Nairobi Senator said Sonko’s government is not properly constituted owing to the many vacant positions.

“The Constitution says that a properly constituted county government comprises a Governor, Deputy Governor, 10 CECs, chief officers, directors, and other officials,” Sakaja said on Citizen TV’s JK Live.

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