Rufftone: What I Learnt after Losing my Dad

February 6, 2019

Gospel music crooner Rufftone is still soldiering on following the death of his father Josephat Mwatia in October 2017.

The patriarch of the Mwatia family that includes Rufftone’s younger brother Daddy Owen succumbed to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Rufftone says his family knew they were going to lose their father. “We pleaded for his life like twice or so,” Rufftone told Word Is.

“There were instances he was taken ill and the situations looked out of control, but we kept on praying God to give us more time with him.”

The veteran musician said losing his father was one of the lowest moments of his life.

“I had nothing but to tell God thank you for lending us a father for all that time because to be honest, we knew he was given like 10 more years on ‘loan’. The only debt I had with God when dad died was to thank Him for his life,” Rufftone said.

According to the singer, his father was a strong pillar in his life and taught him valuable lessons about marriage.

“When I argue with my wife, I always remember that my dad told me that is part of the marriage package. He was so loving, protective, adviser, and he meant everything in our lives,” he said.

On his music career, Rufftone, who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, said nobody believed in him when he was starting out.

“I know it is God that has kept me relevant in the industry. Resources were not readily available. When I said I was going to venture into music, most people told me Kenyan music doesn’t pay,” he said.

“It even sounded weird that I would do music as a career because most people wanted me to look for a white-collar job.”

The lesson he has learnt in life is: “Better take care of what you have before you lose it. I learnt that with my dad because you never know when you will lose him,” he said.

The hitmaker is working on releasing four songs this year.

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