“Pang’ang’a Tuache!!” Lillian Muli Fires Back at Fake Stories

February 14, 2019

Lillian Muli is fed up with all the false stories people, tabloids, and blogs peddle about her on a constant basis.

In fact, the Citizen TV news anchor claims there must be another Lillian Muli in town because she is constantly surprised by what she reads about her.

Noting that free publicity is good, the popular media personality stated that she is not looking for fame.

Everyday I read stuff about me that surprises and amuses me. I mean is that me y’all write and read about or did someone clone me? Please find me that Lillian these guys write about and let me shake her hand she is so full of drama and so many people feed off it. That free Publicity is good but I’m not looking for fame,” declared Muli.

Lillian Muli, who has been making headlines since her “community husband” rant last December, added that popularity does not pay her bills. She urged rumor mongers to focus on more important things like her new projects.

“No popularity ever paid anyone’s bills unless it translates to a huge pay Cheque! But Thanks anyway. Let’s direct that energy to my new projects shall we??? I will need your attention there. Panganga aka mdomo tuache.”

This comes after Muli appeared to trigger gossipers following a post on Instagram indicating that she had forgiven her bae. She has also edited her bio to include the title ‘Wife’.

Lillian Muli has also edited the forgiveness post; it now reads “Champagne excites me.”

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