Meet Nairobi Sex Worker Willing to Mentor 19-Year-Old Daughter – VIDEO

February 28, 2019

A Nairobi-based sex worker on Tuesday (February 26) made some startling revelations during an interview on the Hot96 Drive show, saying she would allow her 19-year-old to join the oldest profession in the world.

The mother of three – Ciku – shocked radio presenters Patrick Igunza and Anita Raey when she said she would even offer to mentor and teach her daughter the ropes of the pleasure business.

“Should my daughter graduate and fail to secure formal employment, I don’t see anything wrong in guiding her toward my job path. You and I know that the employment situation in Kenya isn’t promising; and, it shows no signs of looking up,” Ciku said.

She said sex-work is promising because she lives comfortably and her college-going daughter doesn’t need to rely on HELB money for school fees.

“My first born daughter aged 19 doesn’t need to rely on HELB for fees and upkeep. I can comfortably pay for her education. Furthermore, I live in a good estate. My other two children, who are younger, go to private schools,” said Ciku.

The sex-worker also revealed that she has 15 years worth of experience, something that has enabled her to master the “art”. This she said allows her to easily get quick money and position herself strategically.

On dating, Ciku said her boyfriend is fully aware of her profession. “He is okay with what I do,” said Ciku.

She added that she would raise hell if her partnered cheated.

He is not allowed to stray. I am not cheating on him; I am simply at work. From the proceeds of that job, I pay my bills. He is fully informed of what I do, and he still decided to be with me. If he sleeps with other women, I shouldn’t find out,” said Ciku.

Watch the full interview below.

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