“I’ve Been Rejecting Calls From Politicians and Sponsors,” Gin Ideal Speaks

February 25, 2019

Fast-rising Kenyan songbird Virginia Maina a.k.a Gin Ideal quit the troubled Grandpa Records last year and signed up with Taurus Musik, a move that seems to be working out for her.

The ‘Rede’ hitmaker is back with a hot new track ‘My Way’. During her media tour, Gin Ideal spoke about the song and everything relationships.

Your new song My Way, in which you feature Beenie Gunter, suggests you are in a good place. Are we in for a good love story?

What love story? I know the song has a good love and romantic vibe and that comes from the chemistry I developed with Beenie Gunter when we met during my Ugandan tour late last year. It brings out the real new Gin Ideal, so expect more of such feel-good love stories.

But this comes hot on the heels of Shuga and Balance last year, which were also good vibe songs…

Yes. I am a girlie type and so I have taken the direction of making happy songs that basically bring out my character, good flow and connection with my audience. Love is a universal language. It is a human interest talk.

So, are you dating?

(Laughs) I saw that coming. But no, I am not. I am so single.

Last time we checked you were in a romantic relationship of many years. We even thought you are about to tie the knot…

Stuff happens. I ended the affair about a year ago. Right now, I am keeping it on the down-low, taking time to reorganise my emotions and see the way forward.

Is that euphemism for you were heartbroken?

Every break-up has a potential heart-breaking situation and one has simply got to deal with that. I ended the relationship myself as at some point it wasn’t really working. It was a long distance relationship and I would find myself having to travel with him to different countries during a time I should have put more focus on my music. My music comes first and I felt that there was a conflict and so I called it quits.

This guy was close to you. You had even introduced him to your family…

I always introduce my boyfriends, the two I have had, to my family as I am always that open. That does not mean I should keep them forever if it’s not working.

Second boyfriend? What happened to the first one?

I started dating when I turned 19 so you can imagine how innocent I was at high school. Coming into that first relationship was quite an anxious experience and I guess I was learning these things. You can imagine a girl getting her first kiss and being told all those sweet-nothings. The first boyfriend is always like an experiment. You lie to yourself it’s going to be forever when we all now know it is the starter on the menu.

You said you are reorganising your emotions…

I don’t want to jump into another affair with the wounds fresh from the previous one. I mean, with all those suitors calling, I ended up spending my Valentines shopping with my girlfriend so you can conclude that I am really trying to keep off men for now. That does not mean no one is trying to get me but as you know, relationships can be exhausting.

Who is trying to get you?

That is crazy to reveal. Men hit on me; of course… this beautiful girl is lovable. From politicians to sponsors and beautiful people. These calls keep on coming like it was traffic on a free highway.


That I can’t reveal. However, having a sponsor is a very bad idea and I would ask girls to keep off. You can see how many cases of girls dying mysteriously we have right now. I always shy off those calls by strangers and stalkers telling you how they can buy you cars and houses. Hard work pays.

Maybe that’s because you are a bit reserved, right? Girls are going for the big boys…

I agree that I am reserved but also, it is mature that one should keep integrity. Most of the time I am indoors with my sister, Terry, either cooking or just having a girl moment. I would rather stay indoors cooking and eating as opposed to be on a bad date.

Maybe you are just choosy?

When I love I can fall so deep. I love my man clean, smelling good and understanding. I like a man who is honest and who has a clear direction on what he wants in life. I am open and straight-forward.

What is your most awkward experience with a boyfriend?

I once told this guy that I was relaxing at home preparing for bed yet I had gone to a friend’s house for a sleep-over. He proceeded from the airport to my house only to call and ask me to open the door. You can imagine what happened next.


I can handle pressure. When I get into such anxious moments, I can scream my lungs out…I actually do a lot of that when I am about to go on stage. Sometimes, I suppress the thoughts, remain quiet and wait to deal with the issue when I am a bit relaxed.

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