Saumu Mbuvi: Baby Daddy Disappeared during my Last Trimester

January 29, 2019

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, can now sleep soundly after moving on from her ex Benson Gatu.

According to Saumu, many are the nights she cried herself to sleep because of the Gatu’s philandering ways.

I had moved in with Gatu when he started acting up. He would claim to have gone for a business trip, and I would later learn that it was all lies. He was cheating on me with another woman,” says Saumu.

In an interview with People Daily, Saumu added: “That is why I even posted about it on social media because it was someone I knew, a daughter to one of the governors. I do not mean to tarnish his name or his political ambitions, but this is one story I have to make clear.”

Saumu Mbuvi also disclosed that Gatu would leave her in the house when she was pregnant to go party with his clandestine lover.

“During my last trimester, the guy had disappeared. Even for clinical appointments and other important matters, he was nowhere to be seen. Many are the nights I used to cry myself to sleep. I ended up frustrated, and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I moved back to my parents’ home,” said Saumu.

“One thing I have come to understand is that relationships fail. I am not and will not be the first one to be cheated on and left. Just because I am in the limelight doesn’t mean everything has to be perfect,” she added.

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