“Peleka Ujinga Mbali” Sonko Hits Back after being Called a ‘Socialite Governor’

January 16, 2019

Mike Sonko lost his cool over the weekend after an internet user questioned him on Facebook while referring to him as a ‘Socialite Governor’.

The Nairobi County boss last Saturday posted a picture of the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell vacationing in Croatia with her boyfriend on a yacht.

Sonko mentioned how Ms Powell was enjoying herself on the yacht estimated to cost 100 million dollars. Although the late Steve Jobs commissioned the yacht in 2008, he never got to ride it as he died in 2012 before it was commissioned.

The governor seemingly used the post as a lesson to his fans on Facebook to enjoy their money while they are still alive.

But one Facebook user, identified as Kinyua Davis, challenged Sonko on the relevance of the post to Nairobians.

“Socialite Governor, so how is this policy helpful to Nairobians?” posed Kinyua.

This seemed to have irked Mike Sonko who hit back telling Kinyua that he(Sonko) must socialise with his fans.

“Peleka ujinga mbali I must socialise with my fans on my page. Leo ni sato nakama hauna fans tuma sms,” wrote Sonko.

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