Mercy Masika “would’ve quit” Music if her Husband wasn’t her Manager

January 16, 2019

Award-winning gospel music songbird Mercy Masika has attributed her success to her husband, David Muguro, who doubles up as her manager.

According to the ‘Mwema’ hitmaker, she could have quit music if someone else was managing her.

“I would not be this great if it was not for my husband’s hard work because he does a lot of things that I could not be doing by myself,” Masika told Radio Jambo.

Mercy Masika also acknowledged that she sometimes disagrees with her husband/manager, but they always resolve their differences within the day.

“Sometimes we quarrel but you have to be wise and the same way you respect him in marriage is the same way you should respect him when working together,” she said.

Even when she isn’t in the wrong, Masika says she apologises first.

“I forget very fast when we quarrel but I think it is because I value my faith so much and I never go to bed without solving any argument I have had with my husband,” she said.

Masika is currently promoting her new song, ‘He never lies’.

“The song was inspired by how God has been faithful to me because He does. All God just needs us to do is become patient,” she said.

Watch the song below.

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