Bus Rapid Transport System to Decongest Nairobi Set for December

October 2, 2018
Mohammed Dagane

Traffic jams in Nairobi could be a thing of the past in about three months.

The committee formed to solve the congestion and traffic menace in the city has begun its work, with a view to easing traffic on various roads leading to the CBD by December.

The new Nairobi County Transport and Safety Committee has since met stakeholders in the transport sector on a new plan to decongest the city.

Addressing the press after a three-day meeting in Naivasha, Infrastructure executive Mohammed Dagane said they are determined to end the traffic snarl-ups.

The committee consists of representatives from NTSA, the traffic department, and PSV owners and is part of the larger Nairobi regeneration team.

“We are working to ensure we have a new Bus Rapid Transport system by December 12 this year and this will help in decongesting the city off traffic,” Dagane is quoted by the Star.

Noting that more than 300,000 private vehicles and 40,000 motorcycles go to the city daily, Dagane said the county is working in how to reduce the number.

Nairobi Bus Transporters chairman Edwin Mukabana welcomed the idea describing it as long overdue. He reportedly said though they were initially opposed to the idea with the thought of losing business, they had seen it was for the best.

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