The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Monday September 10)

September 10, 2018

A look at today’s biggest stories.

Serena Williams is fined $17,000 for violations during her US Open loss

The US Open has fined Serena Williams $17,000 for three code violations during her loss in Saturday’s women’s singles final, the United States Tennis Association said.

Far-right party with neo-Nazi roots surges in Swedish vote, exit poll shows

An exit poll has put the far-right Sweden Democrats in second place in Sunday’s elections, marking a surge of support for a party with roots in the neo-Nazi movement, as anti-migrant sentiment in the Scandanavian country grows.

Serena Williams is calling out sexism in tennis. Here’s why.

Serena Williams’ heated dispute with the umpire during the US Open final is the latest controversy involving the tennis superstar in recent months.

North Korea holds military parade without ICBMs

North Korea staged a military parade Sunday to mark the 70th anniversary of the country’s founding, but held back on showcasing its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), believed to be capable of targeting the United States.

Trump seeks to move past Stormy Daniels lawsuit, says 2016 deal was never valid

President Donald Trump on Saturday stated in a court filing he would not seek to enforce the infamous 2016 settlement agreement between Stormy Daniels and Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen.

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B get into fight at New York Fashion Week party

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were seen leaving a New York Fashion Week party late Friday at the Plaza Hotel when a fight between the two stars broke out.

US Open 2018: Serena Williams accuses umpire of sexism after outbursts in final

Serena Williams accused the umpire of sexism in docking her a game in the US Open final and said she had not been cheating. Naomi Osaka’s 6-2 6-4 victory was overshadowed by Williams’ extraordinary outbursts in the second set.

Moldovan president involved in car crash

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has been injured in a traffic accident north-west of the capital Chisinau. A lorry overtook a vehicle in wet weather near the town of Straseni and crashed into the presidential convoy. One of the cars in the convoy overturned. President Dodon was taken to hospital but suffered only scratches and bruises, officials say.

Deadly stadium stampede in Madagascar

At least one person has been killed and nearly 40 injured in a stampede at a Madagascar football stadium. The incident occurred just before the start of Madagascar’s match against Senegal in the qualifying round of the Africa Cup of Nations, local media said.

South Sudan plane crash ‘kills 19’

Nineteen people were killed when a small passenger plane crashed into a lake as it tried to land in thick fog in central South Sudan, reports say. Only four people, including two children, survived the crash, said government official Taban Abel Aguek.

9/11 subway station reopens after 17 years

A New York City subway station has reopened for the first time since it was destroyed 17 years ago in the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack. Cortlandt Street on the 1 line was buried under debris when the two World Trade Center towers collapsed after hijackers crashed planes into them.

Johnson: PM’s Brexit plan a ‘suicide vest’

Boris Johnson has attacked Theresa’s May’s Brexit plan, saying she had “wrapped a suicide vest” around the British constitution and “handed the detonator” to Brussels. Writing in the Mail on Sunday, the former foreign secretary said the Chequers deal had opened the UK to “perpetual political blackmail”.

Pence: I Would Take A Lie Detector Test About Anonymous NYT Op-Ed ‘In A Heartbeat’

Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday said he would take a lie detector test as part of a potential White House effort to identify the anonymous writer of a New York Times op-ed describing an alleged “resistance” movement within the Trump administration.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z Allegedly Threatened By Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman, the Florida man acquitted of murder in the controversial Trayvon Martin case, has allegedly referred to Beyoncé as a “broke whore” in a series of text messages obtained by The Blast that includes a threat directed at the singer and her husband, Jay-Z.

Ariana Grande Posts Sweet Photo Of Mac Miller After His Death

Ariana Grande posted a tribute to her former boyfriend and rapper Mac Miller over Instagram on Saturday, one day after his tragic death. The 26-year-old artist, who had recently released his album “Swimming,” died of an apparent overdose on Friday at his San Fernando Valley home in California.

Obama Was Once Escorted Out Of Disneyland For Smoking

Barack Obama has recalled the moment he was kicked out of Disneyland as a teenager for smoking on the theme park’s gondolas after a Kool & The Gang concert. Speaking in Anaheim, California at a rally for Democratic congressional candidates, the former president joked that he was “ashamed” at his behavior.

Olivia Munn is paying a price for her bravery and it’s so very wrong

H It’s striking to see Olivia Munn fielding an interview all alone when The Predator, the movie’s she repping at Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, is an ensemble effort. On Thursday, we learned that Fox cut a scene out of The Predator because it featured a registered sex offender, also a friend of director Shane Black.

Electric cars in India to get a boost with new clean energy policy

An all-electric rickshaw or three-wheeled vehicle may soon be more of the norm on streets in India – a country with a massive 1.3 billion population and a dependency on carbon energy sources to match. At this week’s Global Mobility Summit in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made comments that could change the car industry and energy consumption in the country.

‘Plaid shirt guy’ wins the internet with silly faces during a Trump rally

Going viral and becoming a meme is pretty easy in the age of Trump: Just stand behind The Orange One at his rallies and – this part’s key – make silly faces during his speech. Doing so will turn all eyeballs from The Donald to you.

Crypto market is crashing hard, here’s why

The cryptocurrency market is bleeding for the second consecutive day, with prices of most popular coins down double digits in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is down 12.4% in this period according to CoinMarketCap and is currently trading at $6,426.

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