PHOTOS – Take a Look Inside Terryanne Chebet’s House

September 6, 2018

Terryanne Chebet’s living space oozes class and sophistication.

The Fanaka TV CEO clearly loves the finer things in life and her crib is designed to match her unique style and taste. She combines her personal modernistic style with vintage and rustic focal points to create a vibrant transformation in her space.

Her house boasts a collection of antiques, including the 18th-century mahogany longcase clock by Emanuel Burton circa 177o.

Terryanne also has a particular liking for flowers, which other than their sweet-smelling characteristics, work as fantastic accent and center pieces.

To add colour to her warm walls and create an overall balance, Terryanne Chebet uses textured pillows and delicate pastels. For storage, a shelving unit will draw the eyes to her book collection while offering a worthwhile aesthetic appeal.

Here are some photos:

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