Only in Kenya: KRA Sniffer Dogs Can’t Detect Explosives, Marijuana, Cocaine – VIDEO

September 18, 2018

Breaking news: KRA’s sniffer dogs have been compromised. In fact, some Kenyans on Twitter believe the law enforcement K-9 unit, like its human counterparts, wants ‘kitu kidogo‘ to work efficiently.

Others have called for the DPP to look into possible corruption among the canines. That’s how dire the situation is.

But on a serious note, however, the Kenya Revenue Authority dogs tasked with sniffing out illicit goods like narcotics at Kenyan ports, can’t do sh*t!

Worse still, it costs the taxpayer at least Sh60,000 a month to feed the sniffer dogs in the Kenya Revenue Authority’s K-9 dog unit.

The dogs were exposed as KRA officials demonstrated how the K-9 unit helps keep our entry points tightened. They could not pick out the right smell, leaving a whiff of discontentment in the fight against illicit goods such as explosive-making materials and narcotics such as Marijuana and Cocaine.

In the video below, NTV’s Victor Kiprop reports on how the Taxman’s sniffer dogs are not just as ready as they would be hoped to be.

And here’s how Kenyans on Twitter reacted:

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