Nameless: How I Handled Wahu’s Switch to Gospel

September 19, 2018

Wahu’s transition from secular music to gospel may have taken many people by surprise, but Nameless saw it coming and took it in his stride.

According to Nameless, the two veteran musicians were actually cooking up something together before Wahu’s switch.

“I was working on a project with her before she quit secular,” he said, adding: “Wahu had always been talking about joining gospel for a long time, and when her time came, I could not hinder her from doing what she has always wanted.”

Nameless added that he promised to support his wife of thirteen years.

“When she finally joined gospel, I had to let her be, because it is about how she feels, not what I feel for her. She told me this is where I am and my heart is here and I promised my support to her.”

The ‘Butterfly’ hitmaker noted that they have learnt to support each other and hinted at joining Wahu if called to spread the gospel.

“She knows what inspires me in music and therefore, I will support what is currently inspiring her songs. We’ve learnt how to support each other, and though we are a couple, we are separate human beings. If my call will be gospel in future, I will also join her because it is always about what inspires us.”

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