Father from Hell! Man Throws Three-Year-Old Son into Burning Furnace

September 21, 2018

Another case of domestic violence has ended tragically after a man allegedly threw his three-year-old son into a burning furnace following a quarrel with his wife in Mau Summit, Nakuru County.

Joseph Ndirangu, a 30-year-old casual labourer, is said to have burnt their first born child after the quarrel with his wife, Margaret Wairimu.

Confirming the Wednesday evening incident, Molo police boss Mr Bernard Kioko said Ndirangu was burning charcoal in his homestead before he left for a drink at a local pub.

At around 7.30pm, he is said to have returned home while drunk before picking a quarrel with his wife over a “petty family issue”.

The police boss said that instead of resolving the dispute, Ndirangu picked their three-year-old boy who was asleep inside the main house and threw him in the burning furnace which was outside the homestead.

He said the wife quickly followed the husband and tried to rescue the child but it was too late.

She cried for help attracting irate residents who lynched Ndirangu.

“The deceased went to a drinking spree and when he got back home, he quarreled with his wife.  He would later throw their child who was asleep in a burning furnace,” said Kioko.

The bodies of the deceased were moved to the Molo mortuary.

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