Watch: Julius Malema Trashes Kenya’s Judicial Wigs, Claims Kenya Not Fully Independent

August 30, 2018

South Africa’s firebrand politician Julius Malema has sensationally claimed that Kenya might not be totally independent as America has vested interests in the country.

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) was addressing the press about the need to achieve the total freedom in Africa when he offered up his provocative views on a host of subjects, including Judges’ wigs in some African countries including Kenya.

“It is through small things that we can achieve the total freedom of South Africa. Like that wig that judges wear, what is that? Does it mean that you can only think when you wear a wig that looks like the hair of white people?

“You’re actually wearing white brains…the reason you think properly is because of that wig, according to colonialism. And then revolutionaries allow that to continue in Zimbabwe and in Kenya,” said Malema.

He went on: “Well, Kenya, of course, is something different. I don’t think there is total independence there. America has got a huge interest in that arrangement with Kenya.”

Malema also proposed a unified language for all Africans, giving Swahili as an example.

“We must develop a common language that can be used throughout the continent. Like Swahili, if it can be developed as the language of the continent.”

Lastly, he called for a borderless African continent, with one ruling party, saying: “We need a border-less continent, We need one currency, one parliament and one President that can unite the continent. We need a United States of Africa. We need one Africa.”

Here is a short clip of Malema’s remarks about Judicial wigs and Kenya’s independence.


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