Kitui Man Who Lived With Bodies of Wife and Child With Hopes of Resurrection Buries Them

August 15, 2018

A man from Kitui county who shocked the country about two years ago following the discovery of the bodies of his wife and child in his home has finally laid them to rest.

Prior to the discovery, Kitu Munyoki Mwanzia had lived with the corpses for three years believing that his family would resurrect.

“After the baby died, my wife and I agreed to preserve the body in our home. A year later, my beloved wife died,” Munyoki said.

“Shortly before that, she had told me that she would come back after nine years. That’s why I lived with her dead body in the same house. I was waiting for her resurrection.”

The bodies were discovered in October 2016, with morgue attendants saying that they did not understand how Munyoki managed to preserve the bodies for three years. They said they were well-preserved and had no smell.

A neighbour was quoted as saying: “He preserved the bodies using herbs only known to him and nothing artificial was applied. It is alleged that the man applied jelly to his dead wife and daughter’s bodies.”

Munyoki finally buried his family on Monday at his Ndaluni home in Mwingi West, Kitui county. He told mourners that his wife, Lydia Ndila who succumbed to tuberculosis in 2014, went to write a Bible and will return to “save people”.

He said his wife’s last words were: “I have not gone. I will come back.”

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