Former DCI Boss Ndegwa Muhoro: I am Truly Worth Sh88 Million

August 3, 2018

Former Director of Criminal Investigation Ndegwa Muhoro has reiterated that his net worth stands at a cool Sh88 Million.

The former spy chief made the declaration when he appeared before the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday. He was being vetted for the Malaysia ambassador job.

Mosop MP Vincent Tuwei, one of the members of the National Assembly’s Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, tasked Muhoro with explaining why the figure he had stated as his net worth wasn’t convincing.

“The figure you have disclosed as your net worth – Sh88 Million – does not seem true. It looks like an understatement,” said Tuwei.

In response, Muhoho said: “My net worth is not an understatement.”

Muhoro was also asked to explain the integrity issues raised in the past by Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi.

He said: “There’s nothing new. I am in court with this guy. He was ordered not to say anything against me, either in person or through his agents. He even alleged that I want to kill him, something I have never thought about…”

“I come from a very strong Christian background and taking someone’s life is something I have never imagined,” added Muhoro.

He further told the committee that he is an honest Kenyan “with nothing to hide.”

The Committee further put him to task over the rampant extrajudicial killings and disappearances during his tenure.

He defended himself saying the accusations against him do not hold water.

Citing the case of slain lawyer Willie Kimani, Muhoro said his killers are still in court.

He said people who have raised issues against him must prove them.

“You are innocent until proven guilty. People can smear our names, but we believe in the rule of law,” Muhoro said.

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