Crazy Kenyans: Riparian Land Demolition Toys Now on Sale – VIDEO

August 16, 2018

As the debate on the demolition of buildings constructed on wetlands continues to dominate social media discussions, other Kenyans are already looking to cash in on the whole debacle.

Ever since the demolitions kicked off, netizens have specially reserved praise for the green and yellow SANY tractors behind the amazing work of reclaiming public land.

In fact, a section of Kenyans of Twitter had proposed to raise funds just to fuel the machines. Others joked that Kenya has finally gotten a machine that can fight corruption.

It is, therefore, safe to assume that the SANY tractors should be a national symbol of hope and restoration. To that effect, some enterprising businessmen are now selling toys of the tractors and they are flying off the shelves.

Apparently, one such toy goes for about Sh380.

Check it out in action below.


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