The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday July 19)

July 19, 2018

A look at some of the stories making headlines today.

Trump, facing fury, says he misspoke with Putin

President Donald Trump, facing an onslaught of bipartisan fury over his glowing remarks about Vladimir Putin, said more than 24 hours afterward that he had misspoken during his news conference with the autocratic Russian leader.

Elon Musk apologizes to cave rescuer for ‘pedo’ tweet

The Telsa CEO has faced an intense backlash over the unfounded claim against Vernon Unsworth, an expert caver who participated in the rescue mission that saved 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave in Thailand. Musk expressed remorse on Twitter.

‘Putin’s poodle:’ Newspapers react to the Trump-Putin meeting

Newspapers around the world ran different photographs of the same scene on their front pages on Tuesday morning — US President Donald Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin standing side-by-side at a news conference following their two-hour meeting in Helsinki, Finland.

Ex-FBI head James Comey urges public to vote Democratic

Former FBI Director James Comey is urging “all who believe in this country’s values” to vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

Obama warns of ‘strongman politics’ after Trump news conference

Obama warned against the rise of “strongman politics” in a speech one day after his successor was criticized for a humiliating news conference with Vladimir Putin.

MGM Resorts denies liability for Las Vegas shooting, sues victims to block lawsuits

The owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel says it bears no liability in last year’s Las Vegas concert massacre and is asking the courts to shield it from legal actions filed by the victims.

A quadrillion tons of diamonds lie deep beneath the Earth’s surface

Written by Ayana Archie Ralph Ellis, CNN As it turns out, diamonds in the Earth are much more common than we thought. About 1,000 times more common, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

12 new moons discovered around Jupiter

During a quest to find Planet Nine, a mysterious planet believed to be on the edge of our solar system, astronomers discovered something else: 12 new moons around Jupiter. And one of them is quite the oddball.

Teenagers ‘prefer family time to sex’

Teenagers are becoming less likely to have sex, preferring to spend time with their families and having romantic relationships online, a study suggests. A survey of 1,000 16- to 18-year-olds also found they were drinking much less. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service said this may explain the sharp fall in teen pregnancies in the UK since 2007.

Scientists develop melanoma blood test

Australian scientists say they have developed a blood test to detect melanoma in its early stages. The test, billed as a world first, is designed to make it easier to spot the skin cancer before it becomes fatal, according to researchers. Currently, doctors rely on skin examinations and biopsies to detect melanoma, which can spread quickly.

Rose gold: The fashion trend that just won’t go away

Walk along a fashionable street, from London to Jakarta, and you’re likely to see passers-by wearing at least one item of rose gold clothing, or carrying a rose gold bag or accessory. The colour, an unusual shade of pink, seems to be everywhere these days, but it’s gone far beyond fashion and jewellery.

Brazil hunts ‘Dr Bumbum’ after patient dies

A celebrity Brazilian plastic surgeon known as Dr Bumbum has gone on the run after a woman died following injections he gave her to enlarge her bottom. Investigators say Dr Denis Furtado carried out the procedure on Lilian Calixto at his home in Rio de Janeiro but she fell ill during the procedure.

Google braced for giant Android fine

Google will learn if it faces a record fine over its Android operating system later this morning. The European Commission has claimed the US tech giant’s mobile device strategy unfairly strengthened its dominance of search. The regulator can fine the firm up to 10% of its annual revenue – which amounts to $11.1bn (£8.5bn).

US boss gives car to 20-mile walk worker

A US company owner gave an employee a new car after he went the extra mile – 20 miles (32km) in fact, walking all night to make his first day at work. After his own car broke down, Walter Carr made the long commute by foot through the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, to his new job in removals.

Donald Trump is the biggest political spender on Facebook

Guess who’s sending fat checks to Mark Zuckerberg and company? Yep, Donald J. Trump. The president’s political action committee (PAC) has spent $274,000 on Facebook ads since May, reports the New York Times . That makes him the biggest political spender on Facebook. Planned Parenthood, which came in second, spent $188,000.

Bitcoin just passed $7 thousand-and the GOOD TIMES ARE BACK, BABY!

Oh hell yeah. Bitcoin’s back, baby. After languishing in the depressing realm of the six thousands for what seemed like forever, the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed straight to the moon! Well, skyrocketed past $7,000, anyway. Yes, friends, it’s time to join the hordes of true believers on Twitter and Reddit in celebration.

Elon Musk is donating a lot more money to the GOP than he is to the Dems

Someone send a submarine to rescue Elon Musk’s reputation. It turns out the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has donated seven times as much to money to Republicans than Democrats since the beginning of 2017, according to Federal Election Commission data reviewed by HuffPost.

Google Cloud outage brings down Snapchat, Spotify, Discord, and ‘Pokémon Go’

A Google Cloud outage is causing major headaches for some of the most popular apps. Snapchat, Spotify, Discord, and Pokémon Go all went down for portions of the afternoon Tuesday, after an unspecified issue with Google’s App Engine.

Trump accidentally reveals misspelled note to self during press conference

Forget protecting his country, Trump can’t even protect his own notes. The President held a brief press conference on Tuesday in an attempt to clean up the mess he made when he buddied up with Russian President Vladamir Putin on Monday – remember when he threw his own country’s intelligence agencies under the bus?

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