Our Wedding Will Be a Surprise, Says Saumu Sonko

July 10, 2018

Governor Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter Saumu Mbuvi says her wedding is on course but it will come as a surprise.

The mother of one got engaged recently and her relationship has been the subject of some malicious allegations. It had been claimed that Saumu was a husband snatcher, allegations she refuted on social media.

Reiterating that she did not steal anyone’s man, Saumu says her fiancé was single before she met him and not married as alleged.

“The man was not married. He was single and I was single too, but maybe he was just somebody’s ex like I was also somebody’s ex,” she says.

She went ahead to recount how they met.

“He is a businessman and I met him when I was traveling to the US. We exchanged numbers and started talking even when I came back,” said Saumu, adding that things picked up from there.

“He has never been married. Maybe he was ever in a relationship like I was before. People are always jealous, and those negative things are just from people who are jealous.”

On their expected wedding, Saumu said: “The wedding is confidential because I do not want to be so obvious like everyone else. I want it to be a surprise but it is there.”

Saumu also disclosed that her previous relationship with her baby daddy, Benson Gatu, ended because of infidelity.

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