Only in Kenya: Ben Chumo Vetted For SRC Job Despite Facing Corruption Charges

July 24, 2018

Can you believe this sh*t? – Former Kenya Power Managing Director Ben Chumo, who is currently facing serious corruption charges, on Monday appeared before the Parliamentary Finance Committee looking to become the next chairman of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

Chumo was last week charged over abuse of office, conspiracy to commit economic crimes and failure to comply with procurement laws in the purchase of faulty transformers worth Sh450 million during his tenure as Kenya Power boss.

During the vetting on Monday, Nyali MP Mohammed Ali locked horns with Chumo and the committee by extension, as he brought up the corruption allegations.

“Mr. Chumo I can see that you are a presidential nominee to the position of SRC Chairmanship and you have been to Kenya Power Company, the Company that is said to have fleeced Kenyans a lot of money through corruption.”

“You are in court on corruption charges and you have the full guts to be in front of us to demand the SRC job and yet you have not settled your issues in court,” said Ali before his microphone was shut off.

He was told: “Mheshimiwa Ali, you see this is a House of order and we must be orderly and we must ask questions according to our Standing Orders.”

Defending himself against the corruption charges, Chumo told the committee that the corruption matter facing him is complex and maintained that the transformers in question were procured in 2011/2012 when he was in human resource department and not Chief Executive Officer.

He observed that he is a man of integrity saying: “I never had any incident that undermined my integrity and public trust.

“I was not even a member of the procurement committee at the time, because I was in Human resource. However, I have been accused of procuring those transformers but I wasn’t there,” Chumo said.

During the vetting, Chumo also disclosed that his net-worth is around Sh212 Million.

“Over the 32 years, I made investments across the country. I have some assets in Nairobi…I collect some rent. I have a home. We are raised as farmers so I do some dairy farming. I have some animals, in Eldoret. So I am not complaining as such. My estimate net worth as we speak stands at about two hundred and twelve million shillings,” he said.

“I can’t say I’m a rich man. In relative terms of course. I’ve not yet reached there. I can support my family. My four children; two of them are already out of the house, two are still in college.”

As expected, Chumo’s vetting angered a lot of Kenyans who took to various platforms to express their displeasure with the move.

While some will argue that Chumo has the right to be considered innocent unless proven guilty, the vetting is still absurd and should at least have been put on hold until he is cleared of all the charges.

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