Joho Reveals Plans to Scuttle Ruto’s 2022 Ambitions After the DP’s Charm Offensive on Coast Voters

July 24, 2018

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has dismissed Deputy President William Ruto’s perceived onslaught on his Coast region backyard.

Speaking during the opening of a High Dependency Unit at the maternity wing of the Coast General Hospital Monday, Joho said Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambition is doomed to fail.

The county boss further disclosed that although he cannot force some Coast leaders from decamping, he will work tirelessly with DP Ruto’s rivals as a strategy to scuttle his plans.

“The thing is when one person leaves a team, many more are willing to join. If someone takes over your ally, go and start working with his enemy. It is a fair game,” said the ODM Deputy Party Leader.

This comes in the wake of concerns that Joho was losing the region’s hold following Ruto’s charm offensive to woo the region’s leaders and the electorate to back his presidential bid.

Some ODM-allied MPs, notably Malindi’s Aisha Jumwa, have since stopped backing Joho’s 2022 ambitions in favor of Ruto.

Joho also took a swipe at those dragging Raila Odinga’s name into the ongoing Mau evictions.

“They are clutching on straws for survival,” said Joho, adding that the politicians have found a soft target in Raila and are capitalising on it for political survival.

He castigated leaders “who think that since they are rich, they can trample upon anyone as long as their ideals are followed.”

Mtu anaona opportunity ya TV na gazeti na kuanza kuchezea wakenya. This is the cadre ya uongozi ambayo tuko nayo… mtu ambaye anajiona yeye ni mdosi sana na he believes akisema kitu, wakenya watafuata tu, ama akisema, ni ukweli. Siku hizi wakenya wako informed; watu wanaelewa.”

He added: “Unfortunately some of them wanatafuta soft target. Anaweza kuangalia kama ni Joho, wacha tumlime ndio tu ‘aokoke’.. ‘hamuokoki’, kama ni wa kufa, ni wa kufa tu. How do you drag Raila Odinga into the Mau politics?”

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