Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri’s Humorous Moment on NTV Makes It to Netflix

July 24, 2018

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubaridi have made it. The two Kenyan television presenters were quite the iconic power-duo during their time together at NTV.

They have both since moved on, with Larry heading to BCC Africa to head its new business desk and Rubadiri teaming up with the veteran Jeff Koinange at Citizen TV.

However, their achievement together at NTV cannot be overlooked as evidenced by the huge ‘endorsement’ they have received from American comedian, actor, and television personality Joel McHale.

The celebrated television host has featured a humorous on-screen moment between Larry and Victoria on his popular self-titled show that airs on Netflix.

‘The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale’ is a weekly series that takes a look at pop culture and news through celebrity guests, comedy sketches and video clips.

McHale, was presumably so impressed by Larry and Rubadiri’s ‘review’ of the Ugandan remake of ‘The Expendables’ movie, that he included it in his show.

A stoked Larry Madowo could not contain his excitement and took to social media to share the clip below.

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