Catherine Waruguru: I’m a Proud Second Wife and Only God Can Judge Me

July 27, 2018

Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru has reiterated that she is proud and happy being a second wife lawyer William Kigen.

The lawmaker maintained that they are legally married and that the constitution recognizes their union.

Speaking with KTN’s Michael Gitonga, Waruguru said she has no apologies to make for being wife number two.

“Nobody should take the role of God,” she stated.

“I will challenge my good friends. I know most of them are married but wakona mpango za kando.”

“You will realize that I am better off if I know this is the man that I want to be with. I would like anybody to challenge me and tell me whether if I am cursed  to go to hell because I am married as the second wife,

“Allow me to be grilled and asked questions only by God. Let no one play the moral police,” said Waruguru.

She further acknowledged that she is satisfied with her husband and that she does not need to have a mpango wa kando. The Woman Rep. further urged single women to find men who they are comfortable with and start a family regardless of the marital state of the man.

“I love my husband. I don’t need to kutangatanga…

“Somebody else’s husband is their husband within the confines of their home. Mzee ni wako kwa boma. Akishaatoka, take care of yourself and choose what you want. The constitution allows it,” she said.

“If you feel you have the energy, you are free to marry a second wife. We need you,” she added.

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