Babu Owino’s Score Card For The First 11 Months in Office

July 24, 2018

For all his sideshows and controversies, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino appears to be living up to the expectations of his constituents.

The former student leader may have endured a difficult few months following the nullification of his August win but he has bounced back and appears to be striving to fulfill all his campaign pledges.

With a few weeks to go to mark one year in office for our leaders, Babu Owino has released his own scorecard for the first eleven months in office.

The first time MP has outlined what he has done on five major aspects of governance, including Education, Infrastructure, Water and Sewerage, Youth and Women Empowerment and Land.

Read his full scorecard below.




-Issuance of bursaries to at least 4000 students -Initiated a mentorship program aimed at linking students and pupils from Embakasi East to various organizations in Nairobi including the Parliament where their leadership qualities can be mentored and nurtured -Finalising arrangements for the renovation of classes and administration blocks in Embakasi Pri, Eden Vil Pri. Maua Pri. and Donholm Pri Schools. -Liaising with the national government to ensure that all primary and secondary school going girls get free sanitary towels. -Channeling his monthly salary to help educate bright needy students in Embakasi East. -Working on a bill in parliament to push for the reinstatement of all suspended and expelled students across the nation. -Working on a bill to push for a reduction of interest rates and increment of HELB loan.


-ROADS and STREET LIGHTS >LOWER SAVANNA –Liaising with the Ministry of transport infrastructure housing and urban development to have 75KA(Army Barracks) – Baraka Estate Soweto Road fixed >MIHANGO WARD —Lobbied for construction of Hurligham road in Mihang’o ward
—Following up with the county government of Nairobi to have Mihango link Road which links Kayole and Utawala by pass-through Mihango ward in Embakasi East Constituency constructed. –Partnered with Mihango MCA Hon Paul Kados to have street lights erected between St. Michael and Mihango SDA church in an effort to address insecurity in the mentioned neighborhood.
–Hurlingham road in Mihango fixed
–Liaised with KERRA to have St Michaels road and Ochok road fixed by December >UTAWALA WARD —Utawala ring road through shopping center being fixed
—Contributed Sh 1 million in partnership with Utawala MCA Hon Patrick Karani to temporarily fixed the previously impassable Benedictor-Kincar road.
—Successfully lobbied the Ministry of Roads and Infrastructure to have Benedictor-Kincar fixed by November this year
—Fedha – Telaviv road fixed
—Road at Aviation fixed >UPPER SAVANAH WARD

—Working jointly with the Nairobi City County government to have the road passing through Harambee Sacco – SDA Phase 8 in Upper Savanah constructed.
—Vumulia to Kamola road fixed
—Harambee Sacco Estate road being fixed
—Tassia stage through Catholic church road to be fixed starting next month.
—Oversaw maintenance of Nyayo–Tassia – Riverbank road in Embakasi ward. —Kwa Ndege – Nyayo Gate B road temporarily fixed awaiting tarmacking.

—Successfully lobbied for sinking of 8 boreholes (at least one per Ward) by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. —Successfully lobbied for piping of water from Gigiri to all areas in the Constituency —Sponsored a programme that supplies clean water to areas with serious water challenges in the constituency using water tankers. —Lobbied for the refurbishment of sewerage by CS Chelugui led ministry. —Working with security agencies to crackdown water cartels known for interfering with water pipes with an aim of creating artificial water shortage.


— Finalizing the process of issuing youth with bursaries to pursue technical courses including hairdressing, driving, catering, carpentry et al.
—Issued car wash machines to youth groups. —Secure funds to start businesses for women —Nurturing talents through sponsoring upcoming artists in Embakasi East to produce their music.
—Lobbying for employment opportunities of unemployed youth in various industries/companies and organizations in the Constituency. —Partnering with well-wishers, friends and some companies to purchase boda-boda for unemployed youth.
—Financially empowered various youth groups in Chokaa-Mihango Ward to help them start and grow their sand business.
—Working on a bill that will require all employers to fairly compensate interns for services offered to their organizations during internship.
—Working on a bill that will see youth and women access loans without collateral at subsidies interest rates.

—Ensured that at least 5600 title deeds were issued to landowners and public institutions in Embakasi East Constituency.

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