What DP Ruto Said About Media’s Lifestyle Audit on Him

June 21, 2018

Deputy President William Ruto has played down the recent widespread media reports on his known investments in the wake of President Uhuru’s order for a lifestyle audit of all public officers.

Speaking during the 43rd Kenya Secondary School Headteachers Association annual conference in Mombasa, Ruto wondered why the media is solely focused on him.

“I can see already, the media has done some work on me,” said Ruto.

“I did expect that the following day it would be someone else, but it is stopped with me. I thought that this lifestyle audit was meant for all public servants?” posed Ruto.

The DP, however, stated that he is ready for a lifestyle audit and will be among the first to take it.

“The President pronounced government policy on every public servant to be subjected to a lifestyle audit and it is expected that every public servant will submit themselves for lifestyle audit when that time comes. William Ruto will be among the first for that exercise,” said Ruto yesterday.

He said the audit will help put to rest what goes on at the rumor mill and expose the truth.

“We must all of us go through audit because Kenya is the only country we have. Every one of us must play his or her role to make sure the country moves forward,” said Ruto.

According to lifestyle audit carried by the Star newspaper on Monday, DP Ruto’s known investments are valued at about Sh10 Billion.

In addition to earning a monthly gross salary of Sh1.2million, Ruto has considerable interests in the hotel industry and owns the Weston Hotel, Nairobi.

He is also a major shareholder in the Africa Merchant Assurance Company, Amaco, and is said to have recently acquired controlling shares in a local multimedia company.

He also owns the Easton Apartments in Eastlands, flats in Ongata Rongai, a palatial home in Eldoret and four choppers.

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