Sanaipei Tande Explains Why Her Music is Not Always About Partying

June 11, 2018

Singer and songwriter Sanaipei Tande says her music has to have a message, contrary to the current trend of releasing party songs.

“For me my music has to have a message and it is not just about party, party, party. But unfortunately globally music is going the party way and so now everyone is all about how can I do the next best party jam?

“Music is now just not educative and artistes need to understand that they need to impact the society in a more positive way.”

Sanaipei, who started her musical journey at the age of 19 after winning the 2004 East Africa Coca-Cola Popstars Talent Search, also explained why she does not release music consistently.

“Whenever I release a song, you hear people saying that I have made a comeback, but honestly I never go anywhere, it has always been a Sanaa thing to release one, at most two songs in a year.

“That has been my trend from when I started, so when people say that I was here and then I took a break, it is not true,” she says.

And despite a career spanning over a decade, Sanaipe acknowledges that she still has a long way to go.

“I am 14 years old in the industry and, personally, I feel that I have not reached my peak. There are still some milestones that I need to achieve. It is a personal thing for me and I feel that I can go further than I am.”

On why most of our local artistes are still not getting international recognition, Sanaipei explains, “If I was to compare Kenya to Tanzania in terms of music, the latter has very good lyrics and very catchy tunes.

“And I think they go the extra mile with their videos. And they have also pushed themselves to the international market where they are able to do collaborations with international musicians and that is when you get recognition.”

She advises upcoming artistes to remain true to themselves

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