Go To The Bank, Anerlisa To Fans Asking For Cash Handouts

June 21, 2018

City entrepreneur Anerlisa Muigai has addressed the many fans who keep contacting her with requests for either a job in her company or a cash handout.

According to the apparent Keroche heiress, 90 per cent of all the messages she receives on a daily basis are from Kenyans asking for some kind of favour.

“I know most of you ask me why I hardly reply your inboxes and truth be told I hardly go through them and if I happen to go through them, 90% of them are about job opening and the 9% about being given money and 1% are those who genuinely wish me all the best,” posted Anerlisa.

The Rich Kid of Instagram stated that it is impossible to employ everyone and that it is not in her capacity as CEO to hire new staff.

On the issue of giving out handouts, Anerlisa politely told her fans to visit a bank.

“About also giving out money, I would advise anyone borrowing money to visit those money lending companies or even the bank,” said Ms Muigai.

The bottled water entrepreneur concluded by saying that she would announce any openings should they emerge.

She also offered a word of prayer for jobless jobseekers.

“If there are any job openings I will announce. For now I pray that all those jobless people will get jobs quickly.”

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