Crazy Kenyans: Someone Has Used Ngirita’s Tattoo to Locate Hidden NYS Loot

June 8, 2018

Breaking news: Ann Ngirita’s cut from the massive NYS cash loot has been located by an encrypted messages ‘expert.’

This comes after the Ngirita family home in Naivasha was raided in unclear circumstances earlier this week. Heavily armed DCI officers from Nairobi and Nakuru are said to have raided the home in Lakeview estate around 7 pm Sunday. They appeared to be looking for something specific after breaking into several septic tanks and sewer lines.

Some observers were convinced that they were looking for some of Ngirita’s illegally acquired millions.

And as Ngirita flaunted a ‘Daddy Ngirita’ tattoo in court on Tuesday, a certain Kenyan on Twitter read more into it and ‘figured’ out where the cash is hidden.

The Twitter user, @OptaHos, decrypted the message in Ngirita’s tattoo and came with location coordinates.

Here’s how he did that:

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