Only in Kenya: Comedian Appointed as NACADA Board Member

June 8, 2018

Who bewitched us as Kenyans? I’m being told that comedian Chipukeezy – real name Vincent Mwasia – has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors at the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (Nacada). What?! Seriously?!

The State appointment has of course divided opinion among Kenyans, with a considerable number of commenters saying Chipukeezy deserved the “blessing.”

Others are banking on the fact that Chipukeezy represents the youth to celebrate the joke of an appointment. C’mon guys! Focus!

Like one Sheila Wambui aptly put it on Twitter, “When we say Young People should be appointed to positions of power and leadership we don’t necessarily mean those with zero qualifications or just anybody from the street! There are so many young qualified people who can do that job.”

The point here is qualifications, and those with eyes can see that Chipukeezy’s appointment is a farce.

Those of us who have been called “salty” for criticizing the move have been asking one key question; what criteria was used to arrive at the decision?

Because there is none, it is clear that Chipukeezy’s predecessor at NACADA, Jaguar, who the comedian has been following around like a puppy over the last few months, had a big hand in the appointment.

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To begin with, Jaguar’s credentials are questionable but we let it slide when he was appointed because we believed he would make a substantial contribution. We have not seen any impact and it’s only right that we don’t want to be fooled twice.

Chipukeezy is not the man for the job. There are probably dozens of you reading this who have better academic credentials than Chipukeezy and could have used an opportunity to at least apply for the position.

Further, Chipukeezy’s hands and bank accounts are filling up with all his media, comedy, and emceeing gigs. Let someone else without a job earn a deserved paycheck ffs!

The drug addiction scourge that’s sweeping the youth of this country needs serious and committed people.

President Uhuru and Jaguar did not have to look that far for a competent youth. How about Wanja Mwaura, whose heartwarming dedication to reform the life of her childhood friend, Hinga alias Didi, inspired and restored hope in humanity.

Dear Chipukeezy, if you’re reading this, it’s not too late. Do the honorable thing and turn down the job. Now is the time for the youth to demonstrate their integrity lest greed condemns our beloved country further into the fiery pits of corruption and mediocrity.

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