Julie Gichuru’s Fart Story With Her Sons Cracks Up Social Media

May 4, 2018

Veteran journalist and media personality Julie Gichuru this week excited her social media followers with a humorous fart story.

According to Julie, her youngest sons were driving her up the wall forcing her to hatch a plan to get rid of them. Apparently, the fastest plans she could figure out was announcing that she was about to drop fart bomb.

However, the plans backfired on her as she soon found out that it would take more than a fart to scare her boys away.

Posting the story on the gram, Julie wrote: “Sometimes you just can’t win ??❤#MamaTings #LaFamilia.”

The unexpected post from Julie sparked hilarious reactions from her followers as some argued that Julie doesn’t fart.

m.a.njoroge said,  “uwongo… Julie doesnt fart… no! No! No! Only unicorn sneezes and glitters coming out of her rear hatubishani.”

michael_kiema commented: “Hehehe……this made me laugh seriously.”

omar_abdul_advised: “Lol. You should have agreed the ‘let’s do it together’..then the two with the loudest farts will have to leave the room. ? then you give them a walk over.”

khamete.mango added: “Funniest thing I have heard today.”

phoebeagosa wrote: “Pwahahahhaha. .you made my evening gal…mboysarold winning against their mother, am sure mine will give me this challenge too???”

patiencedimitrov advised @juliegichuru to “just release SBD(silent but deadly)no need to say anything, everyone will scatter ????????, don’t thank me ?”

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