Ezekiel Mutua Takes Offense at “Sh*t Happens” Billboard By Insurance Firm

May 4, 2018

Kenya’s moral cop Ezekiel Mutua has done it again.

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer has this time around cracked his whip on a billboard he deems offensive.

The billboard by Insurance firm – GA- reads “Sh*t Happens” and shows two footballers in a compromising position involving nether regions.

According to Mutua, the billboard’s contents are offensive and unsuitable for public consumption.

“Such billboards are offensive and should be brought down. Who knows where they are erected? I will personally lead the campaign to bring them down. The language is inappropriate, implied message adult in nature and not suitable for public exhibition or display,” wrote Mutua.

He added: “Advertisers should avoid sensual or foul language. Adverts don’t have to be obscene, sexualised or have adult language to sell. Adverts containing obscene images or language should not be erected in public places.”

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