Watch: What CJ Maraga Said About Matiang’i’s Attack on Judges [VIDEO]

April 6, 2018

Chief Justice David Maraga has defended judges against Interior CS Fred Matiang’i’s allegations that some of them have been compromised by the Opposition and activist lawyers.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, the CJ said Matiang’i had spoken about a matter pending before the Court of Appeal, and should, therefore, let the court deal with it.

“It is not true that any judges have been captured by the opposition, as it is being said,” Justice Maraga said.

“It is the orders they are issuing in their normal course of business. They could make mistakes in those orders. And we are saying, if they make mistakes, let there be an appeal. And when it is filed, wait for the matter to be dealt with. That is why I do not want to comment on the minister’s comments. Let the Court of Appeal deal with that.”

Maraga reiterated that there were open channels for the government to appeal decisions they were dissatisfied with.

“Some of those matters go to a particular division. We have the Judicial Review division and the Constitutional division. That is where they are dealt with, and invariably, you find that they are dealt with by the same judges,” Maraga said.

He added: “We are telling parties: If you are not happy with the order that has been given by the court, the channel is there, you appeal. We’ve had quite some instances where the court has issued an order, the parties, not necessarily even the government, even individual parties, have appealed, and the Court of Appeal has set aside the judgments, some they have upheld. And that is the thing.”

Watch what the CJ in the video below:

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