Sultry Songbird Wavinya Talks Two-Year Hiatus and Comeback as New Female Face of BMG Empire

April 3, 2018

Beatrice Wavinya Mueni popularly known as Wavinya is officially on her highly anticipated music comeback. She began her music career in 2015 and went on to feature in Grandpa’s famous ‘Fimbo ya Tatu’ alongside Kenyan music heavyweights Sauti Sol, Kenrazy, Visita, Wyre, and more.

She took a hiatus to concentrate on personal matters but she is back like she never left. Her comeback single is “Nakuhitaji” featuring Ketchup and she says she is here to stay this time.

First things first, is the new song Nakuhitaji, featuring Ketchup, about something you have experienced?

Yes, it’s from personal experience. I think every artiste should try their level best to maintain friendships as no one exists on their own space alone. How you treat others determines how you will be treated.

Your last song was done in late 2016, more than a year ago. Where have you been since?

I had to take a break. I thought I would multi-task but to be sincere it isn’t easy. I had to cross a small bridge first then come back to what I treasure most; music.

What is this small bridge you are referring to?

I got pregnant and had to take a break. By the way, I’m married and have one child.

Is your husband someone who is in showbiz?

Not at all… a very private man.

You appeared in GrandPa’s Dawa Ya Moto. Were you signed to the record label at the time?

No, but I was in the process. That was the time I got pregnant. The strange thing is that in Kenya no studio would sign a ‘paged’ woman.

Is that so?

I believe so.

So Dawa Ya Moto is the biggest project you have featured in?

Yes it was the biggest. I never thought I would be involved and I thank God for that.

You have been in showbiz for almost five years now, why is it that you seem to lack consistency?

I think I was not so ready…. but now, expect consistency, expect a lot from me. I have found a studio my home of music, BMG Empire.

You have worked with R Kay on a song. Who are some other big names you aspire to work with?

At the moment, my focus is on BMG Empire since it stands out. They are giving me the best in what an artiste would require from a label.

How would you describe your music style?

I don’t have one. I’m very talented and can do any style. So I don’t limit myself.

Nakuhitaji is well shot. What was the budget for the shoot?

I have no single idea how much was spent. BMG Empire was responsible for every little thing that took place. I didn’t spend a single coin.

Talking of BMG, which is one of the fastest rising stables, how did you get signed there?

Through a friend who introduced me to Nasty, the owner. The rest is history.

Your latest photo shoot has you in a sexy persona. Is that the Wavinya you want your fans to relate to?

Really? Those are just poses, ni kujibamba tu.

Being a seductress, have people in the industry asked for sexual favours?

That’s obvious but once they know your stand they back out and maintain a good genuine friendship.

If you were to describe yourself, who is Wavinya?

Very caring, social, brave, hardworking, risk-taker and open-minded. I am from Makueni, though I grew up in Mombasa. And I do public relations for my day job.

What are your plans going forward?

To do it bigger and better. More and more music, unique, different music.

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