Remember Rapper Circuit? The “Manyake” Hitmaker is Now a Preacher/Gospel Singer (VIDEO)

April 9, 2018

Like they always say, it is never too late to find salvation. This appears to be the case for rapper Circuit who is most notable for releasing one of the filthiest songs in Kenya’s history; Juala(Manyake).

Together with his partner in crime Jo-el, the duo took the industry by storm with its lewd music content. And while “Juala” somewhat advocated for the use of protection, it ruffled a lot of feathers which partly contributed to the rappers’ downfall.

But that was over a decade ago. Now, Circuit has since turned over a new life and is a fisher of men.

In fact, another secular turned gospel artist, Lady Bee, was among the first to break the news of Circuit’s new found salvation.

She captioned a picture they took together: “See what God can do ?????? Am really blessed to meet my brother?How many remember Circute??? Wooooh He also got saved like I imagine?Ooooh how powerful is our God?? If Jesus can save us yaani and give us the grace to focus on Him and Him alone?? Everyone will be saved but only those who will believe in Christ Jesus they shall not perish but have an everlasting life?? Circute and I today we can testify of this Love that led us to repentance Halleluyah?So if you can hear my voice today and you want to give your life to Christ please let me know and I will pray with you in Jesus name.”

The rapper has also rebranded himself as Circute Righteous and can be found preaching at the Harvest International Centre Church.

When he is not preaching, he spreads the gospel through music and he already has a couple of gospel hits to his name.

“There is nothing else that gives me satisfaction other than glorifying God,” he said after releasing two videos.

The two songs, Big Money and Miracle were released last week with the latter video featuring his family members.

Check them out below:

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