‘Oh My!’ This is What 8-Month-Old Jeff Koinange Looked Like [Photo]

April 6, 2018

Ever wondered what Jeff Koinange looked like as a toddler? Well, me neither.

However, the popular talk show host on Thursday stunned his followers on Instagram after sharing an old picture from his toddler days.

According to the Jeff Koinange Live host, the picture is the oldest he has of himself. He was only eight months old and our quick maths indicate it was in August 1966.

“#TBT Folks…This is the OLDEST picture I have of LITTLE Smmmmmmokin JEFF KOINANGE!! ??????? 8 Months Old!!…KIAMBAA Village, now a Constituency in Kiambu County!! Somebody say Oh MY!!!!!” wrote Jeff last night.

As with anything Jeff posts on social media, the picture elicited wild reactions from some of his over 230K Instagram followers.

Some pointed out that Jeff looked like a girl while others were amazed that his family had a camera back in the day.

“ohhhhh myyyy!!!.You were a beautiful baby,” mercynyo commented.

heyterrymo added: “I almost thought it was a girl…you were such a beautiful baby boy!!!”

boscomutinda wondered: “You were light skinned…what happened? ? Oh! You got smmmmoked!?”

“Sssssssmokin…mashavu ni yale yale?? nowadays ni effects za cocoa butter, hujatoa tint?jeff on the mic,” wrote billy_mangi.

edwinthampson wasn’t kind and wrote: “Bro I now understand the umamatology uko nao sai. U look like a small girl dude.”

obierocollins added: “Awesome. You had a camera in Kiambaa back in the 40s?? Lanes ?”

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