“Marry a Snake If You Want a Woman With a Flat Tummy,” Akothee Tears Into “Thirsty” Kenyan Men

April 25, 2018

For someone who boasts a svelte and elegant figure, popular musician Akothee is not overlooking some of the weight struggles that women go through in a bid to please men.

The “Oyoyo” hitmaker on Tuesday afternoon tore into men who set unreasonable weight demands on women for the sake of their insatiable sexual appetites.

According to Akothee, any man who wants a woman with a flat tummy should just marry a snake. The singer laid into “thirsty” men on her popular Instagram page saying they are the ones with a problem.

“If you want a woman with a flat tummy! Please just go marry a snake, don’t go for a healthy woman and start frustrating her with her weight, it’s actually you with the problem ala!”

She added: “We can’t keep on changing our bodies to fit into men’s lusts, we are not chameleons.”

Noting that men are adventurous, the singer further advised women to only exercise for their own wellbeing rather than for “thirsty idiots.”

“Wanaume watakutoa roho! you change your colour tone then he cheats on you with aka Akothee the charcoal!

“He cheats on you with aka 1gb then you start thinking it’s because of your weight! Alas! You are actually going crazy for no reason! Men are wondrous[sic] /adventurers…stick to your lane & do exercise to feel good and be healthy not for any thirsty idiot.”


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