Akothee Teaches Employers a Valuable Lesson in Humility [Watch]

April 13, 2018

Entertainer extraordinaire Akothee has earned praise and admiration from her social media followers with the way she treats her employees.

The popular singer and businesswoman, believed to be the wealthiest female musician in Kenya, posted to her Instagram account several clips as she freely interacted with her house-helps.

In the clips, the “Oyoyo” singer appears to be living up to her mantra, “My Life Your Entertainment” – as she gets down with one of her employees in her compound.

In addition to entertaining her fans, Madam Boss also offered an important lesson in humility to fellow bosses.

She said: “Without employee,s you are dead with all your money! Never feel soo special to your workers let them feel like part and parcel of you, they are human beings they will also make it in life just like you!& your children might end up knocking on their doors!be humble life is potia pata”(sic)

Among those impressed by Akothee’s antics and gesture was Ugandan sweetheart Zari Hassan.

“When I said you’re crazy I meant it. Please move in with me,” Zari penned.

An excited Akothee responded saying it was their time to enjoy life as they had already closed the chapter on giving birth.

“We finished giving birth so now it’s time to enjoy life,” she wrote.


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