Why Kwale County Has Banned Sale and Consumption of Miraa

March 8, 2018
Kasemeni MCA Anthony Yama

Consumers of Miraa and Muguka in Kwale County will now have to cross over to neighboring counties for the stimulant following a ban on the sale and consumption in the County.

This after the County government of Kwale, through its County Assembly, passed a motion seeking the ban on Wednesday.

The motion, tabled by Kasemeni MCA Antony Yama, received a unanimous vote from the House.

According to the ward representatives, the ban follows the mass rejection of youths during the recent KDF recruitment exercise due to the side effects of Miraa and Muguka on teeth.

Longterm use of Khat can precipitate permanent tooth darkening and other dental problems.

The MCAs argued that the youth in Kwale are wasting away because of the drug and that a ban was necessary to save them.

Speaking during the presentation of the motion, Kasemeni MCA Anthony Yama said the use of mogoka and miraa has also affected education in the area as some students have become addicted.

He further claimed that Miraa has caused a lot of divorce cases as users have failed to perform their conjugal obligations.

“Miraa and Muguka chewing has had an adverse effect on our society, cases of divorce have been on the increase as Miraa users have failed to perform their conjugal rights.”

Kwale’s Health Ministry has now been tasked with coming up with regulations on how the ban will be implemented.

Earlier this year, nominated member of county assembly from Mombasa Fatuma Swaleh vowed to table a motion to ban the sale and use of Miraa and Muguka in Mombasa.

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